analytics trainingThe free Google Analytics tool allows you to access a wealth of information about your website’s traffic. However, the vast amounts of information available can be overwhelming.

How do you know what is important? How do you use it to measure your website KPI’s? What valuable insights are you missing now?

That’s where our 2-day Analytics Expert training comes in handy. In our training course, we perform a deepdive into the functionalities and reporting capabilities of Google Analytics.

Goals of this course:
After this course,  you will understand all capabilities and reports that Google analytics provides, and how you can draw valuable insights from them.
You will be able to use Analytics to assess your website objectives and provide custom reporting using dashboards you have created yourself, tailored to your specific needs.

This training course is ideal for:
Business managers, digital marketeers, e-commerce owners

Prerequisite knowledge
A basic understanding of online marketing is advised.

Which topics will be discussed?
1. Google Analytics: an introduction to web analytics
2. A run through on all reports
3. Getting your set-up right: internal searches, campaign tracking, event tracking, e-commerce, lead tracking
4. How to set KPI’s and using them efficiently in analytics
5. Using advanced segments to isolate a specific audience or traffic type.
6. Understanding how traffic channels work together: assisted conversions and conversion attribution.
7. AdWords reports in Analytics: understand exactly what your agency is doing!
8. Google Analytics dashboards : report only on the data crucial to you, with customized dashboards.
9. Managing Google analytics projects frim implementation to optimizatuon

The course is taught in small groups, from 9:30 to approximately 16:00. Lots of practical exercises are done, so you are requested to bring a laptop. Lunch is included.

Sint Michielswarande 100,
1040 Etterbeek
How much does it cost?
500 eur per person for the 2-day course
(VAT excl.)

How do I register?
Please send an email to: or use the contact form below.

We also organize private trainings for groups upon request.

If you require a tailor-made training package, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss your needs.

See you soon!

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“We attended the 3 Google courses organized by Clicktrust and every time, we acquired interesting insights for our future actions.

We were able to combine theory with practice through different excercises, which allowed us to discover some very useful functionalities for our analyses.

As the knowledge levels of the attendees were quite different, we enjoyed the flexibility of the training which allowed each of us to ask questions and to choose whether or not to go into detail for the different topics that were discussed.”

(Nadia Mghari and Julie Van Camp – Digital Manager L’Oréal)